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[Notification] Update the printer firmware

Thank you for always using Star Micronics Cloud Services. We would like to inform you about "Update the printer firmware" to continue using this service.

For some printers, it is necessary to update the printer firmware to continue using Star Micronics Cloud Services. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you use the target service below with the following target models, please update the printer firmware by January 31, 2024. This schedule might be changed due to unforeseen circumstances, so your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

[Target models]

TSP100IV: Printer Firmware V1.0 ~ 1.2 [Link (How to check the version*)]

mC-Print2: Printer Firmware V3.5 ~ 3.7 [Link (How to check the version*)]

mC-Print3: Printer Firmware V3.5 ~ 3.7 [Link (How to check the version*)]

*You can check the firmware version by self-printing. Please refer to the link above.

[Target services]

The following services will not be available in Star Micronics Cloud Services.

  - Device Manager API (update printer firmware, change settings)

  - PromoPRNT (new registration and change of coupon/schedule setting, test printing)

  - Digital Journal (on/off the function)

Updating the printer firmware is needed because the server certificate on the cloud service side, which is required for secure communication (SSL communication), has been updated to a new one, and it does not match the certificate stored in the printer.

[Required action]

Please update the firmware to the latest one to support the new certificate.

When updating, please connect the target printer to your tablet/smartphone/PC and use the following utilities provided by our company.

The required firmware version

TSP100IV: Printer Firmware V2.0 or later

mC-Print2: Printer Firmware V3.8 or later

mC-Print3: Printer Firmware V3.8 or later

How to update via iOS/Android

1. Download the Utility

2. Choose the target printer from "Selected Printer."

3. Choose "Printer Settings"

4. Choose "Other - Firmware Update"

5. Choose "Update"

How to update via Windows

1. Download the Utility

2. Create a connection with the target printer from "Printer Connection Wizard"

3. Choose "Utility Function - Firmware Update"

4. Choose "Get from Cloud"

5. Choose "Update"


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