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Label Builder

Build, Send, Print

One of Star Micronics Cloud Services, Label Builder, you can build your own customizable labels. Combine text, barcodes, shapes, and other parts of your choice to create original labels such as store logo stickers and anti-opening labels.

You can save the label data directly to the label printer  or download it with the "Star Quick Setup Utility." You can also print directly from Label Builder to a Star label printer, making it easy to print multiple labels!

If you registerd the created label into "One Touch Label" function, you can print labels easiliy by stand-alone.

Device Monitor

Use with "One Touch Label" function

Print you own branded or product sealing as often as needed. Upload your design to the label printer using Label Builder, and you can perform stand-alone printng at the push of a button. Up to three types of label data can be stored, making it easy to use different types of labels for different situations.


Step 1

Create an account for
Star Mirconics Cloud Services


Step 2

Create label data by Label Builder
(from "designer (create)" or "template")

Step 3

Store to mC-Label from Label Builder or Utility

Step 4

Use the multi-function button to print one of your three stored labels

Label Builder

Device Monitor

​Get E-Mail Notifications When It Is Time To Cleaning Or Replace Parts

Regular maintenance is important to maintain the print quality of label printers. Device Monitor* automatically notifies you via a pre-registered e-mail address when it is time for cleaning or parts replacement.

How to use

Step1: Create an account for Star Micronics Cloud Services

Step2: Register label printer as a device. Follow the dialog box that appears after registartion and enter the address where you want to receive e-mails to complete the setup.

Step3: Receive notifications when it is time to clean the printer or replace parts.

*Device Monitor is a service that allows you to check printers' status via the cloud.

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