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Automatically include printed promotions on receipts with your Star printer

Make Custom Promotions from Templates
Manage Promotions from Anywhere
Increase Customer Retention
Make Each Customer Visit Unique

About PromoPRNT

PromoPRNT helps merchants to effortlessly create promotions that are printed in addition to point of sale (POS) receipts, providing high quality customer engagement at no extra cost. Once set up, the campaign is fully automated, boosting sales and customer retention while maximizing the value of your Star printer.

These incentives and bonuses will be delivered directly to shoppers’ hands, notifying customers of new deals and promotions.
PromoPRNT is provided through two NEW services on the Star Micronics Cloud Services dashboard: Promotion Builder and Promotion Scheduler.

Promotion Builder

Promotion Builder is used to create and launch new promotions in a few simple steps. A broad selection of templates makes it easy to create new campaigns. Merchants can also customize the receipt with uploaded logos, scannable barcodes and redeemable promotions.

Promotion Scheduler

Promotion Scheduler is used to schedule the campaign and select printing locations, even from a remote site. Campaigns can be scheduled based on the day of the week or the time of the day, and each promotion is given a priority, which determines in what order it is printed on the receipt. The cloud dashboard also allows the merchant to track how many and where promotions were printed.

With PromoPRNT, retailers will also have access to analytics that provides insight into each promotional campaign.
*Today, this service is offered to retailers located in the Americas (USA, Canada, and all of Latin America) and is available under limited release in other countries. Please contact the Star Micronics office in your region for more information on how to join the program.

Want PromoPRNT in your country? Email us with the name of your country in the title. 

Eligibility Check

Before using PromoPRNT, please check whether the POS environment you are currently using is compatible.

Setup Instructions

To enable PromoPRNT, follow these simple steps:
  • Unpack, connect, and ensure you can print to your printer from your POS software.
  • Need help? Call 1-800-782-7636.
  • Visit the dashboard of the Star Micronics Cloud Services, then log in with the username and password that you used to create your account.
  • Click here to visit the Star Micronics Cloud Services dashboard.
  • Complete your profile on the [ACCOUNT] page.
  • Subscribe to the services you would like to deliver to your shoppers on the [MARKETPLACE] page.

Complete your profile in [ACCOUNT] page.

Subscribe to the services you would like to deliver to your shoppers on [MARKETPLACE] page.

  • Open the TSP100 Configuration Setting Tool.
  • Select the Star Cloud Services Cloud tab.
  • Enter the same username and password that you used to create your Star Micronics Cloud account.