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Itemize is an Artificial Intelligence platform that extracts data from receipts, invoices, and other commerce documents. The engine delivers intelligence that automates expense management, enhances accounts payable workflows, and improves compliance functions.

We`ve got all the tools you need for professional expense management in a straightforward, easy to use app that goes wherever you go. All with one clean, intuitive platform.

An adaptable design and powerful processing make Itemize a no-brainer for everyone from the busy mom trying to wrangle family finances to the major corporations leading Wall Street and everyone in between.

We don`t have a preference for iOS or Android, but we know you do so we`ve designed Itemize to work flawlessly on both.

Itemize is just like you, always getting better. We`re constantly adding new features, fine-tuning the app based on your feedback, and finding more ways to dazzle and impress our legion of fans.



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All the Expense Management Tools You’ve Ever Wanted

In one powerful little app.

Create an Expense in a Snap

Snapping a photo is as good as entering the information by hand. Once you upload a receipt, our OCR technology kicks in and reads all the important details, creating a searchable record for your expense management. No need to constantly double check the data. Our OCR operates with 99% accuracy, which is better than some people! If you’ve linked your bank and credit accounts, we match the transaction – without any additional input from you.

Streamline with Connectivity

We’re 100% integrated! You can upload receipts, track spending in real-time or authorize reimbursements with the click of a button through our app and all the nitty gritty details are synced to your accounting software. Less effort, more organization.

Issue reimbursements, export data & run reports

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made expense management actionable with fast, easy, and intuitive tools. You can issue reimbursements, export data as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file or run detailed reports through the Itemize app. No extra steps or engineer-like understanding of the software necessary.