Beyond a POS System

NebuCore offers an eCommerce platform with a fully functioning POS system and all the back office programs required to run your entire business; all integrated under one dashboard. The NebuCore Platform is endless with features. The ability to customize any organization’s internal operations is unparalleled! We envisioned a turnkey solution, allowing companies to bring their passion to life in minutes while spending even less time managing it. NebuCore has all the tools needed to take your business to the next level!


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Web-Based, All Platforms

Your business, Streamlined

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is crucial to keeping your business running efficiently and effectively. NebuCore makes it simple! With Multi-Warehouse support, manage products in seconds while simultaneously updating your storefront, POS, Logistics, and marketplaces in real time. NebuCore is a feature-rich solution for any product-based business looking to increase revenue and optimize team performance.

Backoffice Suite

NebuCore ERP allows for a streamlined operation from Receiving to Sales to Shipping under one dashboard. Process quotes, sales and orders, communicate with customers, update inventory, manage suppliers, generate purchase orders, manage company expenses, and so much more all in real time! The cloud–based engine allows for accessing the entire system anywhere and from any device. Simplicity never looked so good.

Drop Shipping

The Dropshipping feature of the future! With one click, auto-generate a purchase order from a customer order and send it to your vendor with an option to accept or reject based on product availability. Once the PO has been accepted, the vendor has the ability to attach a tracking number that would fall back into the original order notifying the customer behind the scene. Complete control, unbeatable communication, and optimized operations all in under 20 seconds!