What is Star Cloud Services’ mission?

Star Cloud Services was built to bring next generation customer engagement solutions to retailers by turning their receipt printers into cloud connected devices.

Does Star Micronics Cloud work with all Star Micronics printers?

The following environments are supported:

Windows 7 8 and 10 

All windows drivers are available on the AllReceipts drivers page

How do I connect a TSP100 series printer under windows?


MAC support for ALL Star Thermal printers is now available. 

For the latest drivers go to the  AllReceipts drivers page

How do I enable Star Cloud Services Digital Receipts on MAC

We now have iPad POS support!

Check out our great iPad POS Software Supported Application Partners.

What is digital transaction data?

Digital transaction data is all of the important sales data that is recorded when customers make a purchase. Anything that appears on a printed receipt is transformed into digital data. This includes what customer’s buy, when they buy it, how much they buy, what they paid for it and where they purchased it. With this data, retailers are able to enable services that help them better engage, activate and retain shoppers.

Who does the data belong to?

Shopper data only belongs to the retailer and consumer. Nobody else! Star Cloud Services will never see any of the transaction data and will not share data unless specifically directed to do so. Retailer and shoppers are in complete control of their data.

Is my data safe?

Yes. All data is protected via bank level security to ensure everything stays safe. Data is stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud and nobody has access to that data unless specifically enabled.

What can my digital transaction data be used for?

Star Cloud Services Data Facilitation service allows retailers to transport digital receipt data to third party partners or vendors who can offer a wide range of analytics and shopper engagement services. Through these services, retailers can gain unparalleled information about what, where and when shoppers buy to ultimately increase ROI.

Can I get insights into what shoppers are doing outside of my store?

No. Star Cloud Services is focused on the transaction data specific to the individual store. Thru partnerships and by enabling services that incorporate e commerce solutions, retailers are able to get a total view both In-store and Online

What is AllReceipts?

Built by Star Cloud Services, AllReceipts™ is a fast, free, and secure digital receipt solution available on all Star Micronics receipt printers. Other Star Micronics cloud services include  device management, simple survey and more recently the amazing engage NOW function. More information on AllReceipt’s the APP can be found at www.allreceipts.com

How does AllReceipts work?

AllReceipts makes it easy for retailers to offer a free cloud-based digital receipt service in which customers can store and manage receipts on any iOS or Android device. This is special in that it all happens without the shopper ever having to share an email address or taking a picture of the receipt.

Why would a shopper want to download AllReceipts?

AllReceipts™ is the most secure way for customers to receive and store digital receipts. You don’t have to give the retailer your email address or your mobile number keeping anonymity intact. For further information on the benefits of AllReceipts, please visit www.AllReceipts.com