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How do I enable Star Cloud Services Digital Receipts on MAC

Matt of Star Micronics takes you thru a quick look at installing the Mac driver and configuring your system to be connected to Star cloud Services so that you can deliver digital receipts to shoppers using the AllReceipts or compatible applications.

In Detail:

Star Micronics is very excited to announce our new cups driver for mac supporting Star Cloud Services and AllReceipts

Now all mac users can easily begin their use of star cloud services with no additional SDKs or integration.

The driver install procedure will be the same as previous drivers only now you will  see the Star cloud  services site upon install

Any printer installed an able to print will be able to connect the store cloud services after registering your business

The new driver will install a utility called star cloud services on the mac to connect the printer to start cloud services ( be sure to login!)

You can find this by clicking finder and applications.

QR code enabling Stars AllReceipts Digital Receipt Apple will then print on the receipt.

Visit Star Micronics or Star Cloud Services FAQ sites for additional help and support.

NEW In version 4.3!

The Star mPOP is  now supported under mac OSX for both printing and SCS services

Mac driver NOW support Micro Receipts!